In addition to our already world-known, “Vacation Packages” , our online booking engine , a tool used very much by you, and all our special products, we have created an exclusive and innovative product.Grand star Hellenic “Mindful and Wellness Voyages“. During all these years Grand Star Hellenic has been committed in service our clients, always in an innovative way, looking for new methods to satisfy their dreams, tastes and preferences. Offering a greater plethora of experiences and services than any other Greek operator, always considering a high quality, competitive prices and most importantly, under our dedicated care. Once again and after so many satisfied clients & innumerable type of services: Weddings trips, vips, incentives, students, religious and other groups, innovative programs, and the satisfaction of helping our operators to increase their sales and to please their clients. We are glad to offer you a new and more innovative chapter of our trajectory, presenting you our new passion: “Mindful & Wellness Voyages”.

A team of professionals in health and wellness will be at your disposal to offer you, not only the Voyages that you will see below, but any special request that your clients may have during this journey. In such a hectic world, it is part of our profession to seek the well-being and satisfaction of the people around us. This is what inspired us to create the most pleasant journeys that will not only offer your clients the experience of a lifetime, but will help them transform their everyday life into a search for happiness and concentration to fully enjoy the experiences of their daily lives. Welcome to a new world and its experiences, the world of: Grand star Hellenic “Mindful and Wellness Voyages“


Welcome to the Greek world, the world of Grand Star Hellenic. Let us show you our country and the Mediterranean area as nobody has done before, with our experience and the knowledge of our home.


We have several departments to meet all segments of our valuable clientele: our VIP department, our group department and incentive group department, our religious department, our department of Greece and Turkey are available to ensure the best program at the best prices for your selected holiday.

24/7 Services

Our multilingual staff is available 24 hours a day to serve you in your language. Our products are constantly tested and inspected by our experienced staff. You and your families are not mere customers to us, you are the people for whom we try hard to make a stay in Greece unforgettable, memorable and pleasant. We are honored to have you here.